Thursday, 28 April 2011

Fashion is All About Taking Risks , It is Also Very Subjective, So Enjoy & Let It Flow Like You Want To , Great Example : The Olsen Twins

Molly : Supermodel Potential

Molly ANTM Cycle 16, a new brat but still a good potential supermodel.  For my opinion she is the one has that effortless when it comes to taking pictures.  That proof a lot when it comes to final judging.  Maybe she is a BITCH but be careful there are a lot of bitches that already become legendary supermodels.  From the supermopdels throwing phone to 10,000 USD model a day.
So naaaah attitude not the first priority actually, but I do believe you as a model needs be faking in front the clients.  So Go Molly ! :) 

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A Bored Nite After Examination

Yes after examination my day seems bored too, just surfing the Internet & watched some videos, Fashion Shows actually.  I am so so freaking impressed with a recording artist turn fashion designer, yes I'm talking about pretty & powerful Victoria Beckham.  She is creative, dedicated and of course beautiful, insanely beautiful.
Watching her fashion shows really gave me a real inspiration to become a fashion designer one day.  Thank you Victoria, :)
Enjoy some Fashion Shows guys ;)

The Final Examination Is OFFICIALLY OVER

Final examination is already & officially over for me, thank God last paper ala ala boleh buat.  Few papers macam ada possibilities untuk fail & ada jugak yang macam ala ala nak ke arah A :)
But as usual my target is 2.50-3.00.  If kurang atau lebih still accept it because I already gave my very very best.  So it is time for enjoy the semester break walaupun just 1 bloody month, yes 1 month.  -.-"
So maybe will find a part time job & partying all day long.  :)
No more books, no more classes, no more UiTM for now.
So just Me & Me, thank you :)

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Walk In Interview : MAS Steward

Yes maybe its sound odd, I do want to become a successful steward, maybe the head of steward.  It is one of my target career that I dream of since I went to Sarawak past 3 years.  I do believe I have the patience and interest to be a steward.  As far the qualifications needed, I thing I can make it maybe I can get hired.  But who knew, it depends on rezeki and the guts I bring for that day.  It is my first interview, and I hope I will do well and please pray for the best of me could shine that day.  I really hope it is my rite decision to start working at this early stage.  Yes I already 20 and still studying for Office Management & Technology in Perak,  and I really hope by taking this decision I can help and support my parents.  Please pray for me this is the best way to sort of the problem that we already face for years.  

A lot of people say become a steward is a tough job because you need to cope with different kinds of genders even orientations, for me yes it is a tough job but it is also a challenge from God and I'm sure I can handle it well.  Insya-Allah.  

  •  Love to travel around the world
  • Based on experience I have the potential and I really good in hospitality
  • Someone who loves to explore different cultures
  • Love to meet new people
  • To gain new experience